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A microgreen is a tiny vegetable green that is used both as a visual and flavor component or ingredient primarily in fine dining restaurants. Fine dining chefs use microgreens to enhance the beauty, taste and freshness of their dishes with their delicate textures and distinctive flavors.

Our Advantages


Produces protein (fish) and vegetables in one system.



Produces 4 to 10 times more vegetables than conventional agriculture.



Uses up to 90% less water than conventional agriculture.



Does not need soil or regular farmland (which is diminishing every day) to grow vegetables. Can grow vegetables on a parking lot, rooftop, warehouse, or vertically on the side of a building.



No salmonella or e-coli contamination since these are related to warm blooded animals, which fish are not.



No pesticides, chemical or mined fertilizers are used as these would kill the fish.


  • Ive tasted Straw Hats Pea shoots and they are simply wonderful

    - Pam Kuda

  • StrawHat Aquaponics know what they are doing and create the best produce.

    - Joe Kuda

  • The lettuce is so crisp and delicious!

    - Mike Robinson

What We Offer



Mixed Lettuce






Pea shoots


Mixed Microgreens


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Special offers coming soon!


Special offers coming soon!



Special offers coming soon!


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